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Mahakavi Bhasa portrays in his classic work 'Karnabharam', the downfall of the mighty epic hero 'Karna', projecting the inner conflict that develops in him when he enters Kurukshethra to wage a crucial battle with the Pandavas.

A man endowed with supreme qualities made out of the best elements of nature falling for no fault of his own.When you probe into the reason you may have to land at the primordial sources of a cosmic microcosm which involved an interruption of the very elements which constitute the inner and outer being of the individual which readily has to respond to inevitable dictates that come from above. Here two major components of human nature can be located, one owning zealously and the other disowning strongly the poor man who is ultimately the victim of a universal conspiracy of the celestials.

Playwright : Mahakavi Bhasa  
Direction : Kavalam Narayana Panikkar  
Language : Sanskrit  
Duration : 100 min BackBack